12th December 2011

Beware Of Emails Offering Your Adobe InDesign CS4 License Key

There are some interesting emails doing the rounds that offer more than season’s greetings, they come with an attachment with the title “License_key_ID[random number].zip” and yes open it at your peril becuase according to Sophos it contains a nice dose of the Troj/Bredo-MY Trojan horse malware.

This is a sample of the text of the email;

Hello, Your Adobe CS4 License key is in attached document below.

We encourage you to explore its new and enhanced capabilities with these helpful tips, tutorials, and eSeminars.

Thank you for buying Adobe InDesign CS4 software.

Adobe Systems Incorporated

So beware, the last thing that anyone needs this time of year is a malware invasion!

Source [Naked Security]

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