Giant Cloaked UFO Spotted By Mercury

If someone if going to spill the news of a UFO sighting then you need it to be the folks at United States Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) and that have happened recently with the announcement of a sighting near to Mercury. The narrator on the video thinks that it is a clocked alien craft that becomes visible because of a coronal mass ejection.

According Head NRL group scientist Russ Howard and lead ground systems engineer Nathan Rich, they said;

To make the relatively faint glow of a coronal mass ejection stand out against the bright glare of space—caused by interplanetary dust and the stellar/galactic background—the NRL scientists must remove as much background light as possible. They explained that they determine what light is background light, and thus can be subtracted out, by calculating the average amount of light that entered each camera pixel on the day of the CME event and on the previous day. Light appearing in the pixels on both days is considered to be background light and is removed from the footage of the CME. The remaining light is then enhanced.

Source [Yahoo]