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12th December 2011

The Zombie Bottle Could Help You Survive

When the zombie uprising takes place, we may not all have access to cool guns and ammo, so we are going to need to resort to other means of protection! Check out the Zombie Bottle, it is a weapon with a built in survival kit, you just cannot go wrong with these things can you!

These are the instructions on how to use the Zombie Bottle kit;

Step 1. Break Bottle

Step 2. Use Supplies

Step 3. Survive!

This is what you get with the Zombie Bottle survival kit;

Broken Bottle Doubles As Weapon

Contains 6 Inch De-Braining Spike

Anti-Moaning Ear Plugs

Emergency Bite Cleansing Kit

Sealed And Waterproof

Familiar Bar Fighting Tool!

Priced at $15 (£9.50) for two Zombie Bottles

Source [Incredible Things]

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