Just When We Used To 3DTV Along Comes QDTV


Within three years we could be viewing out favourite movies one of the first quantum dot televisions (QDTV). The researchers behind this technology have developed new light emitting crystals, which are called quantum dots! These can be printed onto plastic sheets to make a thin and flexible material capable of displaying images in the same way the TV’s do! It is a few years off, but it is a view of what there is to come in TV technology.

According Michael Edelman, who is the chief executive of Nanoco, he said;

“We are working with some major Asian electronics companies. The first products we are expecting to come to market using quantum dots will be the next generation of flat-screen televisions. The real advantage provided by quantum dots, however, is that they can be printed on to a plastic sheet that can rolled up. It is likely these will be small personal devices to begin with.”

Source [Telegraph]