Abandoned Tube Station Bans DSLR’s


Its seems that owners of digital single-lens reflex cameras (DSLR’s) will no longer be able to take photos of an abandoned London underground station! A sign placed outside of the station states;

“Due to their combination of high-quality sensor and high resolution, digital SLR cameras are unfortunately not permitted inside the station”.

The station is actually an important place with a history of protecting Londoners during the blitz; it was also featured in the movie V for Vendetta!

According to a spokesperson from the London Underground;

“We wanted to make the tours as enjoyable and safe as we could for everyone. With the huge public interest in seeing the disused Tube station, it was better to have the event with this restriction rather than no visit at all. We apologise to visitors who wanted to use this kind of camera during tours to the stations.”

It seems that these excuses are not going down well with those tourists who own a DSLR camera; in fact, some are even looking to the “Freedom of Information Act” in order to get to the bottom of this ban.

Source [Peta Pixel]