Make Your Own Paper iPhone Dock


There are two reasons why making your own dock for the iPhone, first of all it only costs $5 (£3.20) to download the template, so in these days of saving money this already sounds good and secondly, it is the festive season and apparently people like getting handmade gifts, just ask Kirstie Allsopp, she is a great of handmade gifts!

Iphone Paper Dock / Stand from Dessine moi un objet on Vimeo.

Download your own template and make the paper dock yourself;

Do by yourself a simple and cute Iphone dock with cardboard for free ! I will send you an email with : Pdf file with the template to cut + A video with instructions. You just need : a printer + a 270g/m cardboard + a cutter + a ruler !

Cost around $5 for the download and as long as it takes you to make it!

Source [Tree Hugger]


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