Making The Train Or Bus Journey Less Boring


As a people watcher I do not tend to get bored while travelling on trains or buses, as I am too busy working everyone out. However, for some this daily routine can be a boring time and I imagine that they would wish that the Game Strap were installed on all public transport.

This idea is to integrate a games console into the hand strap, as soon as the traveller grabs the handle it is activated and the gaming can begin. No doubt, these will be basic games but never the less it is a cool idea and would definitely make some passengers miss their stops!

According to the designer of the Game Strap, Jiang Qian, he says;

In daily life, people cannot avoid the long waiting. However, the long waiting will always make people feel boring and anxious. Game Strap is to solve the long time when people feel boring and anxious on the bus or on the subway. The vibrating of the strap and the display of the screen remind the customers of which station it arrives at.

Source [Ubergizmo]