The Domino Style LED Watch Design


This is one of those cool designs that people send into Tokyoflash and fans of these watches vote for it. After a while if this watch design gets enough votes, it could be going sale and confusing the living daylights out anyone who tries to understand it!

The design is based on the game of dominoes and it is actually quite straight forward, it just takes a little bit of time to get used to it. The actual design is very carefully thought out as it will need to be, so would this watch design get your vote?

According to the designer, Lloyd from Australia;

“This watch design is based on one of my puzzle ideas and, although it looks baffling initially, is actually incredibly easy to understand. It is called “Domino FX” because of the 4 domino-like figures in the display. However, these are not really dominoes, but digital 8s with up to 7 spots arranged inside each.”

“Up to 3 spots may appear in the top half and up to 4 in the bottom half. These spots indicate which, if any, of the 7 straight lines that make up each 8 must be omitted to make the time or date visible. You know when a line must be omitted because a spot appears right next to it.”

Source [Technabob]