What Do You Know About Web Browser History?


Where would we be without a browser? Nowhere is about the only answer to that question, because we would be able to get onto the internet, as we know it and therefore there would be no websites, social networking or anything.

Therefore, the web browser may be a small part of the grand scale of the internet, but for the ordinary computer user it is essential gear! So how have these browsers changed and developed over the years? We have to go back to the early 90’s to find UNIX, which would have been one of the first browsers on the market.

Today things are very different, there is a choice for one and browsers offer the user much more than just a accessing a webpage, in many cases the choice of browser is almost a lifestyle choice as they reflect the type of person they are.

So check out this info graphic, it shows how the browser has developed of the years and where are they now!

Source [Reviversoft]