YouTube Opens Up A School Version


YouTube for schools is a new direction for the user generated content site, it offers a smooth service that allows teachers to use the content knowing that there will not be any issues with related content, suggestions or students will even be allowed to log into their own accounts through the service. Yet they can benefit from hours of video that is educational and relevant to their studies.

According to the Project manager Brian Truong, he wrote in a blog post;

“We’ve been hearing from teachers that they want to use the vast array of educational videos on YouTube in their classrooms, but are concerned that students will be distracted by the latest music video or cute cat, or a video that wasn’t appropriate for students.

“While schools that restrict access to YouTube may solve this distraction concern, they also limit access to hundreds of thousands of educational videos on YouTube that could help bring photosynthesis to life, or show what life was like in ancient Greece.”

Source [BBC]