Caltech Sets Broadband Pace At 186 Gbps


When it comes to getting a good broadband service in the UK, it seems that around 5 Mbps is a good average, but some folks are struggling with speeds that make dial up look good! So when the broadband speed record is broken that just rubs it in doesn’t it?

Anyway, those clever folks over at the California University of Technology (Caltech) have announced that they have managed to get mind blowing connection speeds of up to 186 gigabits per second (Gbps) and just to make it worse with this connection you could transfer 100,000 blu-ray disk with full content in a day, now that’s fast!

According to Harvey Newman, who is the professor of physics and head of the high-energy physics (HEP) team, head said in the press release;

“Our group and its partners are showing how massive amounts of data will be handled and transported in the future,”

“Having these tools in our hands allows us to engage in realizable visions others do not have. We can see a clear path to a future others cannot yet imagine with any confidence.”

Source [Ubergizmo]