Check Out The Ryno Motors Bike


Think of a Segway with one wheel and an electric motor chucked in for good measure and then you would have the Ryno electric unicycle. It can manage a cool 15 mph and has a range of around thirty miles on a single charge, so that is not bad for short trips then!

This is some further information from the Ryno Motors website;

RYNO Motors is in the middle of selecting a manufacturing partner.

As a result our production schedule is looking like early 2012 to be shipping.

Target retail price for these bikes will be $4,200 US. Product will first be available in Asia with dealer networks being expanded into the continental US mid to late 2012. European distribution will be started late 2012.

To be added to our customer data base or for dealer inquiries send all requests to

Expect to be paying around $4,200 or £2,700

Source [Gajitz]