Google Cloud Print Appears In Chrome Browser


Not only has Google made it easier to use the Cloud Print service by integrating into the Chrome 16 browser, but it will also allow the user to friend’s printers too, imagine the fun that can be had there! Of course, there is the serious side of being able to send documents too, but the fun part sounds so much more interesting, don’t you think!

According to Akshay Kannan, the Product Manager for Google, posting on the Official Google Blog;

Last April, we announced our plans for Google Cloud Print (GCP), the service that powers printing on Chromebooks as well as a new generation of connected apps and devices. The goal of GCP is to enable simple, secure printing from any app on any device to any printer—and with the latest cloud-ready printers; you can also print without using drivers or cables.

Source [Geeky Gadgets]