Microsoft Puts Its Foot Down On IE6 And IE7


The soft approach has not worked and so Microsoft will begin to force users of IE6 browser to upgrade, or else they will do it for you! Starting in January in Australia and Brazil users of IE6 will be updated automatically, but it may not be all that easy for users.

The problem is that those using XP with IE6 and IE7, they will be upgraded to IE8, while those on Vista will be taken all the way up to IE9, so there could be some time spent getting to know your browser going on in the new year.

According to Ryan Gavin, who is the Senior Director of Internet Explorer for Microsoft, he said;

“As we’ve talked to our customers about our approach [to upgrading,] everyone benefits from an up-to-date browser,”

“But from a security perspective alone this is important. Ninety percent of infections that were attributable to a security vendor had a patch out for more than a year,”

Source [Slash Gear]