Now There Are Robots For Losing Weight


Not everyone can afford to have a personal coach and dietician, but for a small investment and monthly subscription the Autom health and diet robot can be helping just about anyone who wants to lose weight and stay healthy, but also needs to have a bit of motivation behind them. This is what the Autom robot does, but can you take orders from a robot or not!

These are the features for the Autom weight loss robot;

Autom is a personal weight loss coach who learns about and adapts to you over time. No two conversations are alike and the more she learns about you, the more she customizes her feedback advice to keep you motivated on your diet.

These features and the relationship she builds with you make her more effective than any other weight loss program you’ve tried. Not only will she help you lose weight, she’ll make sure you keep it off.

Order her now to be one of the first to bring her home. Make a change. For good.

Priced at $200 (£130) to buy the machine and then its going to be $20 (£13) per month subscription.

Source [Technabob]