Build Your Own Magnetic Levitating Sculpture


There is something very cool about levitation, it is mysterious, magical and to many people it is also make believe! However, here is a kit that helps anyone interested in this force of nature to produce their very own Magnetic Levitating Sculpture Kit! Interested then read on.

These are the features and details for the DIY Magnetic Levitating Sculpture Kit;

Pit gravity against electromagnetism as you suspend a little magnet in mid air with this gorgeous sculpture kit.

Easy to assemble, quick to adjust, and a marvel to behold when complete!

Wood bits are laser-cut MDF.

Includes: Over 20 pieces (including 2 specially-cast bismuth cones and a super powerful magnet) and illustrated instructions.


Floating Magnet: 5mm cubed

Completed Sculpture: 3.75″ x 3.75″ x 6.25″

Priced at $14.99 in the US and £10 in the UK

Source [Oh Gizmo]