The Next Generation Of Vending Machine


For a long time it seems that vending machines have been more or less the same, they take your money and provide you with the product you have paid for, more or less!

But now there is a new dawn of vending machines and they come with a huge sixty five inch high definition display with images, text and it even has flash too, so has vending now evolved? Not just yet as this is concept device at the moment!

According to the manufacturers of this machine;

“In this demo, we’re suggesting that vending machines could be used to purchase luxury items, such as cosmetics and wine. The machine also has a public safety mode in times of emergency, which shows information such as evacuation routes.”

“I think this machine could be used in lots of ways, depending on customers’ imagination. It has a great many possibilities, so we’d like to get ideas from everyone, rather than just using it as a regular vending machine.”

Source [Geeky Gadgets]