The Quad Lock Case For iPhones


This is a case and mount design that is ideal for holding the device onto a bike or a suitable place in a car etc. the great thing about this device is that it locks securely into the mount, it is worth knowing that your iPhone is not going fall off down the road!

According to the designer turned entrepreneur, Chris Peters of Annex Products he said;

“Most car, wall, and bike mounts require you to remove your phone from your everyday case, insert it into another cradle system, and then remove it from the cradle and replace your case when you’re done. The alternatives are the hold-anything style cradles that fit nothing well,”

“If you’re like us, you use your iPhone as a GPS while driving and boating, a trip computer while cycling, a list while shopping, a score card while golfing, an alarm clock while sleeping, a recipe book while cooking, a calendar while at the office and we even sometimes make a phone call,”

“The Quad Lock™ makes all of these tasks easier by providing an easy-to-use mounting system that was designed specifically for the iPhone.”

Prices range from $25 (£17) to $80 (£52)

Source [Coolest Gadgets]