A Different Kind Of Christmas Tree


Sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees and in this case, it hard to find exactly what is going on here until you take a closer look and then it becomes clear that this is not an actual Christmas tree at all. In fact this tree has been made up from fifty Cthulhu Tentacles, an old artificial tree with a lot of lights and little bit of tinsel thrown in for good measure, who would have known!

These are the details for the slightly different Cthulhu Christmas tree;

Using an artificial tree, blue string lights, silver garland, one plush Cthulhu (who has been silently biding his time in my home for years), approximately 50 Cthulhu Tentacles, and a little heady chanting (no one wants to upset the Great Old Ones), “A very Lovecraft Christmas” became a reality. I’m rather pleased with the results. Let’s hope the Old Ones are too. I’m beginning to suspect that it writhes when I’m not looking.

Source [Nerd Approved]