Build Your Own Computer 1970’s Style


There was a time when computers were about as exciting as a calculator is today, but some people had the vision to see that one day the computer would take a central role in the home! They all started with these early Altair computers and others, from these crazy days the world of modern computing was born and so we all have these pioneers to thank for the current trend in home computing.

However, for anyone who is interested, they can step back in time and see what computing used to be all about. This is the Altair 8800 Kit; it comes with everything that you need to get started, although help and a power cord may come in handy at some point, good luck with your next project.

This is what can be found in the kit;

Revision 0 Display/Control board, Revision 0 CPU board, Revision 0 1k SRAM board, and Revision 0 Motherboard

Genuine Optima enclosure with powder coated and ink silk screened dress panel

ALL parts required to complete the kit (please see “More Pictures” for examples of kit contents)

8v 100W Switching Power Supply, +16v/-16v/5v 60W Switching Power Supply

Restored Altair 8800 Construction Manual, Technical Manual, Operators Manual, as well as my own full colour assembly guide with step-by-step instructions illustrating the assembly process.  Over 80 hours has been put just into the documentation (deleting copy machine specks, positioning text blocks and page numbers, etc)  The manual is printed on 28lb premium Hammermil paper and bound in a 1″ D ring binder.   (available for PDF download to anyone)

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