How To Make Your iPhone Logo Glow Like A Pro


All iPhone 4 and 4S owners will know that there is a cool Apple logo on the back, but unlike the previous models this logo can be illuminated, it is not easy and it is going to take some expert know how. However, the result is something truly spectacular and cool, so are you up for it?

There is a kit around that helps the iPhone owner achieve this wonderful look, alternatively you are going to have to rely on someone else doing the technical work for you, it’s going to cost a bit more but just take a look at it and you know that it is worth it in the end.

According to the suppliers of the Luminescent Logo Mod Kit for iPhone 4/4S;

This mod preserves the iPhone’s original dimensions and thickness as the stock Apple rear panel.

Your iPhone will still perfectly fit all Bumpers and Cases designed for it.

We use a glass lens cover and flash diffuser of the same quality as an original from Apple.

Priced at around $43 in the US and £28 in the UK

Source [Oh Gizmo]