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21st December 2011

Ever Wanted Motorised Skates! Well They Are Nearly Here


Check out these skates, they are called spnKiX and they are motorised too! The only drawback is that this is a project that’s trying to raise funds through the Kickstarter scheme, where backers come in with a small amount to get these cool ideas off the drawing broad.

These are the specs and features for the spnKiX motorised skates;

Dimension (each): Width = 9″, Height = 10.5″, Length = 9.5″

Materials: Fibre reinforced Nylon + Aluminium

Batteries: Rechargeable lithium

Max Speed: up to 10mph

Shoe Sizes that fit into spnKiX:

Men 6-14 (US/CA) 38.5-46 (EURO) 5.5-13.5(UK); 24-31.5(JP)

Women 7-15.5(US/CA) 37.5-48.5(EURO) 4.5-13 (UK); 23-31(JP)

Recommended Age: 16 yrs old +

This is a project going through the Kickstater process at the moment, so the product will not be going on sale until it’s finished.

Source [Slashgear]


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