Ever Wanted Motorised Skates! Well They Are Nearly Here


Check out these skates, they are called spnKiX and they are motorised too! The only drawback is that this is a project that’s trying to raise funds through the Kickstarter scheme, where backers come in with a small amount to get these cool ideas off the drawing broad.

These are the specs and features for the spnKiX motorised skates;

Dimension (each): Width = 9″, Height = 10.5″, Length = 9.5″

Materials: Fibre reinforced Nylon + Aluminium

Batteries: Rechargeable lithium

Max Speed: up to 10mph

Shoe Sizes that fit into spnKiX:

Men 6-14 (US/CA) 38.5-46 (EURO) 5.5-13.5(UK); 24-31.5(JP)

Women 7-15.5(US/CA) 37.5-48.5(EURO) 4.5-13 (UK); 23-31(JP)

Recommended Age: 16 yrs old +

This is a project going through the Kickstater process at the moment, so the product will not be going on sale until it’s finished.

Source [Slashgear]