21st December 2011

QP Optoelectronics LightPad For Smartphones


This is a new device from QP Optoelectronics, they call it the LightPad and it has been design to be used with Smartphones to expand the display to eleven inches, but this can be expanded further to sixty inches by using the built in rear projection feature! Expect to see this on the QP Optoelectronics stand at the CES 2012 in Las Vegas in January!

These are the details for the very interesting and useful LightPad device;

Connected with a smartphone, The LightPad provides virtually all functions of a notebook computer for an individual. This is mainly thanks to a rebirth of rear projection using a pico-projector. The high gain and high contrast rear projection screen provides for a high quality display. Advantages of using a pico-projector for the display is power efficiency (over 500 nits for under 2.5 Watts), thin form factor and light weight – key factors for a portable accessory device.

Source [Coolest Gadgets]


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