The Top Toys From The Past Thirty Years

Can you remember any of the top toys and games from the past thirty years? Well most people will have one or two good ideas at what was number one. But it all starts with Donkey Kong back in 1981 and over the years we have seen some very interesting additions to the Christmas List, from Rubik’s, POG, Power Rangers, onto the Playstation and then the Xbox 360.

Fortunately, there is this handy info graphic that shows just what toys and devices have been the favourites over the years, although it has to be said, what happened to Woody and Buzz Lightyear in 1995? We have to take Ultimate Coupons word that Beanie Babies were more popular in that year.

Anyway, for this year it looks like the top three will be the iPad2, Lets Rock Elmo and the Leapfrog LeapPad Explorer, I cannot wait to open mine!

Source [Ultimate Coupons]