New Kind Of Advert For A New Kind Of Car


Peugeot have been at the cutting of car design for some years now, their cars show a flair for design and coolness, which is not very easy to demonstrate in a real life performance.

This is why the car company called in the London based Projection Advertising, to come up with something spectacular for the launch of the all new Peugeot 208 and they certainly did that, by coming up with the coolest projection feature that works well with the “Let Your Body Drive” slogan.

According to Tom Burch, the Managing Director of Projection Advertising, he said;

“This is the new generation of interactive video-mapping. Instead of just playing with optical illusions, we’ve created a show that overlaps both the virtual and physical worlds. The development of real-time 3D is a giant leap for video-mapping technology.”

The video gives a good idea of what the audience experienced, but it seems that for the real effect of wind, light, action and water, you would really have had to have been there!

Source [Projection Advertising]