The future of broadband – how might it look in 10 years time?

When you think back to the first time you used the internet then it’s likely
that you remember a very different experience to the one that’s around today.
Websites used to be clunky, connections were slow and the whole online world
was incredibly primitive compared to the fast and efficient one that we enjoy

However, go forwards a decade or so and it’s almost impossible to imagine just
how different the online experience will be in the future. With fast broadband
and mobile communications becoming the norm then it seems certain we’ll all be
enjoying a much more efficient internet experience when we’re on the move. In
fact, now that mobile devices are becoming so popular, it also seems feasible that
we may soon be done and dusted with the conventional home or office computer

As we have always said, you know where you are with the internet!

A new world

There’s no doubt that in the next decade or so that internet related activities,
and indeed everything else that we do which is related to online movements,
will be increasingly dominated by the cloud. This is of course the word of cloud
computing, which is really taking off and presents businesses and consumers
with a while new way of working.

For example, having a cloud computing-based setup will mean that you no
longer need to have computers in the workplace or at home. Instead, all of the
data that you own will be stored online, in your very own virtual cloud. It’s
happening already of course, but the scale of usage in the future is likely to be
more universal. With storage like this, you effectively don’t need to have any
kinds of gadgets or gizmos for storing digital files and folders.

What’s more, by keeping everything located in this virtual world there is the
obvious advantage that you can access it at any time, no matter where you go.
With internet connectivity likely to have improved immeasurably in the next
decade, it also seems likely that we’ll be able to stream content such a movies
and music, much more efficiently from a mobile location than we can right now.

Different style

Adding to the increasingly different world we’ll doubtless be living in by then is
the way we order and pay for goods. We’re already seeing new technology like
Near Field Communication, that enables people to pay for goods and services
with a mere sweep of their smartphone. If you imagine just how much that sort
of high-tech wizardry is going to have progressed in another ten years, then

it’s easy to see that the world of the internet and high-speed broadband will
certainly be a very different one from the pretty good experience it is today. Roll
on 2022!