The Future Of TV Is The Xbox


Sales of smart TV’s have fallen in the past year, so we have to think why! It seems the logical way to go but wait right there, maybe there is another reason as to why consumers are not spending their head earned cash on new internet connected televisions.

Maybe they already have a smart TV courtesy of the Xbox 360! The new updated dashboard means that the main TV in the house has become a smart TV by default with the Xbox being the hub for all sorts of entertainment including cool TV content such as the iPlayer from the BBC, which will join the dashboard in 2012!

According to the Xbox website;

The Xbox 360 is great for playing games. But if you’re one of those people who likes watching movies, listening to music, watching live TV, playing games with people all over the world, and doing it all with the sound of your voice, then the Xbox 360 with Kinect was built for you.

So, for now it seems that the Xbox 360 can even make your TV smarter.

Source [Xbox]