Try Posters On Your Walls With AR


It seems only natural to wonder what a poster or even a piece of artwork would look like in your home or office before taking the plunge, but that is not always possible.

However, Zazzle have come up with an interesting idea where you can actually see what a picture would look like in your own surroundings and you do not even have to leave home to find out, it is called Realview and uses a simple QR code to create a virtual room online for testing.

Do you think it will work with in-laws?

This is what the firm had to say about the Zazzle technology in their recent Press Release;

Using Zazzle Realview, shoppers can now see art from their own collection and from the Zazzle marketplace accurately visualized on their walls as posters, framed prints and wrapped canvases.  Further, as shoppers choose between different options such as poster size and frame type, the changes are instantly reflected in the Realview visualizations.  This patent-pending technology gives consumers the ability to confidently pick the best content, product and product options for their home or office.

Source [Coolest Gadgets]