Wrapping Paper With A Touch Of Minecraft


This is a must have item for any Minecraft fan and there are millions of those around, even if they do not readily admit it! This paper comes in a couple of familiar designs diamond or cobblestone, the problem here is that the wrapping paper is likely to be the star attraction!

These are the details on this cool wrapping paper in the style Minecraft;

Diamonds are forever – unless you fall into a pit of lava, in which case they are gone forever. But that’s not the point. The point is that you want your loved ones to remember this holiday for the rest of their lives. So wrap up their presents in this truly unforgettable wrapping paper, and they will remember your gifts forever.

Priced at £6.49 in the UK and $8 in the US for three sheets of the coolest wrapping paper around

Source [Technabob]