Safety Sphere Helps Riders To Survive A Serious Motorcycle Accident


This is the Safety Sphere, designed by Canadian inventor named Rejean Neron, this concept design can truly save a motorcyclists life and give everyone a cool show at the same time, after all who could resist getting the Smartphone out video the a motorcyclist rolling down the road inside a giant ball! This may seem to be rather strange and even funny, but how many lives and serious injuries would something like prevent?

These are the design features for the Safety Sphere motorcycle suit;

“The outer layer is made up of a highly resistant parachute type material. The inner layer is made up of a thin, moderately elastic synthetic material. In a collision situation, the passengers are thrown from the motorcycle, the cord connecting them to the motorcycle seat disconnects, the electrical voltage plummets, and the electronic circuit processor inside the belt buckle housing of each occupant connects the 9 volt battery to an electric igniter in the back housing of their respective suits.” This triggers the firing of an explosive canister of propellant called nitrocellulose.”

Source [Smart Planet]