Ransomware Spreading Around Net And Locking Up Browsers


Software giant Microsoft is warning users that there is a new wave of malware doing the rounds, but this time its “Ransomware” this is where the user’s computer is locked and it can only be released upon payment of a fine! The message reads something like this “Attention! Illegal activity was detected. The operating system was locked for infringement against the laws of whatever country you are from.”

According to the Microsoft warning;

“Upon execution, the ransomware locks the computer, displays the localized screen and demands the payment of a ‘fine’ for the supposed possession of illicit material,”

“In order to make the computer functional again, the user is asked to transfer money via a legitimate online payment service, such as Paysafecard or Ukash, to the supposed authorities. These services are not involved in any way with the scammers’ scheme; instead, they are being used for malicious purposes.”

Source [TG Daily]