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23rd December 2011

Reflective Gloves Point Cyclists In The Right Direction


It is cool being able to cycle on the road, but not being seen a car or van is definitely not cool, in fact it is positively dangerous! That’s where these great gloves come in; they have reflective arrows on showing other road users exactly where you are going no matter how dark it is.

These are the features for these cool and safe reflective gloves for cyclists;

One way to increase your visibility is with the Reflective Cycling Gloves from Suck UK. Designed to complement your regular high-vis getup (lights, reflectors, etc) these nifty hand warmers have integral patches to reflect headlights approaching from behind. What’s more, each of the one-size-fits-all gloves features a directional arrow, making your left and right signals even clearer.

Priced at $25 in the US and £15.99 in the UK

Source [Firebox]


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