Could This Be The First Smart Vending Machine


Vending machines are never really at the top of the list when it comes to technology, apart from when they are vending machines that sell iPads or something! However, it looks like things could be changing with the launch of the iSample vending machines.

These cool devices are the result of a collaboration between Intel and Kraft Foods, the idea is that these vending machines could be licensed to sell any product because they are able to determine the age of the consumer and therefore alcohol and other adult related items cannot be purchased by children.

Michelle Tinsley, Intel’s general manager of personal solutions told the BBC.

“It’s actually very quick – it’s a fraction of a second,”

“We have trained the software to do this via machine learning on a bunch of pictures of human faces.”

“It does the calculations very quickly right there on the machine – it does not need to go off into the internet or cloud – and then based on that will recognise that you fit a certain demographic.”

Source [Ubergizmo]