Men Are Less Likely To Ask For IT Help


It’s a bit of a hot topic between men and women but a survey by the Geek Squad has come up with some interesting finding when it come to who is more likely to seek out help when it comes to IT related issues. The survey found that men are less likely to admit that they are having issues with a tech related item and therefore are not likely to seek help, in the survey found that only twenty eight per cent of men would seek out IT help but only as a last resort.

According to Sam Lawton who is an agent and spokesperson for the Geek Squad, he said;

“It’s a bit like asking for directions when you’re lost. Women are happy to admit they don’t know where they are, but men are all sheepish. Men have a sense of pride and don’t want to admit they can’t work things out. In my experience they’re much more likely than women to say that the product doesn’t work,”

“They’ll go into a shop and say they want to return a product, and the truth is that they simply haven’t understood how it works. They get a lot more frustrated than women,”

Source [IT Pro Portal]