The Raspberry Pi Goes On Sale From £16


It is not that often you see a PC going on sale for just £16 ($25) but that is exactly what the Raspberry Pi is, although it uses the same technology found in mobile phones, it is an interesting concept that takes us back to those good old days when computers were just like this!

There are two versions of the Raspberry Pi available, both will be powered by the 700 MHz ARM11 SoC with support for OpenGL ES 2.0, they have 1080p30 H.264 video playback and will be running Debian or Fedora.

The differences between to the two devices is that the Model A will come with 128 MB of RAM but with no network connectivity and is priced at £16 ($25), while the Model B version, it has a better size 256 MB of RAM and it also comes with an Ethernet connection and is priced at £23 ($35).

According to the Raspberry Spokesperson, Liz Upton, she said;

“Once we’re happy this test run is fine we’ll be pushing the button immediately on full scale manufacture in more than one factory.”

Source [Mirror]