The Graystone Industries Toaster Is Not What You Think


For years the Cylons have been called toasters, this is because of the original shiny Centurions that looked sort vaguely resembled a chrome toaster. However, this toaster by Greystone Industries is actually a toaster and prove it; the toast even pops out with an image of a Cylon imprinted onto the lovely hot bread.

These are the features and specs for the cool Graystone Industries Toaster;

Graystone logo on one side

Caprica/Syfy logo on control side

‘Frozen’ defrost items straight out of the freezer

‘Cancel’ stops the toasting process

‘Reheat’ to warm your toast

7 heat settings to select how toasty you want your bread

Removable crumb tray makes cleaning easy

Easy-to-remove toaster plates (removal hook included)

Priced at £13 for UK people and $19.99 in the US

Source [Incredible Things]