The txtRng;) Is A Cool Stylus For Touchscreens


The worst thing about the touchscreen device is that within a few minutes of use the screen is covered with smudges and marks, which just will not do at all! Luckily, for a small layout, this can be a thing of the past and that is where the txtRng;) comes in, this simple ring device will operate the touchscreen with ease, while leaving no smudges or marks behind.

These are the details for the cool txtRng;) stylus ring;

An innovative, modern “On-Hand” stylus ring for iPad, iPhone, iPod, iPod nano, android, Nintendo 3DS and other touch screens and small electronic devices. The txtRng;) is designed as a FUNctional, ergonomic accessory that is fabricated from high-grade silicone to fit on the thumbs or index fingers, and enable accurate texting, Internet navigation, drawing, gaming and typing on touch screens.

Priced at $30 in the US and £19 in the UK

Source [Coolest Gadgets]