How Turn A Bike Into An Electric Bike


This is this the Ridekick, it’s a cool looking trailer that fits to a bike and offers more than just a place to put your shopping in. This is a little power pack that offers a boost of electric power as and when needed; it can run for up to twelve miles with a top speed of around 20 mph! Its costs around £460, but that is cheaper than a new electric bike and your get a little bit of storage too!

These are the specs and features for the cool Ridekick bicycle help;

Pushes your bike up to 19 Mph

Simple throttle gives you speed control

Ride 8-12 miles on a full charge

Room for a briefcase or bags of groceries

Clicks on or off your bike in 15 seconds

Weather resistant storage case with combination lock

Installs on most any bike in under 12 minutes

Designed to be safe, stable in turns and when stopped

Your bicycle feels very comfortable even with a fully loaded trailer

Priced at £454 in the UK and $700 in the US

Source [Technabob]