Qwerty Is Old News Now There Is 2i


Users of tablets and Smartphone’s will know that the integrated keyboard is handy but sometimes a pain too; trying to squeeze the old format into a small space is not a great idea! Which is why the 2i from Snapkey is a one of those breakthroughs that could change the way that we use touch screen devices.

It has to be said though, that a change as big as this is going to take some getting used to, but once mastered it appears to be something worth using.

These are the features for the Snapkeys keyless keyboard;

The SnapKeys 2i invisible keyboard is the world’s only solution that frees the tablet PC and Smartphone of the space-hogging, on-screen keyboard while freeing the end-user of an awkward, unworkable typing experience.

Having the whole screen free enables manufacturers, carriers and software vendors to provide a bold, new world of user experiences, which will increase revenues while providing significant product differentiation.

Video chat and watching events while chatting are just 2 examples of the new horizons that SnapKeys opens for the end user in English as well as major European and Asian languages.

There are no prices for this product yet

Source [Oh Gizmo]