Your Fingerprint Means The Perfect Coffee


With the Saeco Fingerprint Recognizing Espresso Machine, the perfect cup of coffee is always at your finger tips so to speak. Simply find your perfect coffee, add your fingerprint to the machines memory and that is it. The machine will remember the choice every time the user places their finger over the sensor, it is slightly expensive coffee machine, but what would you expect!

These are the features and specs for the Saeco Fingerprint Recognizing Espresso Machine;

This is the espresso machine that scans your fingertip to identify and make your preferred coffee drink. Simply place your finger on the biometric scanner to program the kind of drink, amount of coffee, and strength-the machine will make the specified drink every time you scan your finger. Made in Italy, the fully automatic machine generates 15 bar of pressure and pre-infuses the coffee grinds with water to extract rich, complex coffee with a thick crema.

Priced at $3,200 in the US and £2,100 in the UK

Source [Uber Review]