Case With Cord On Board For The iPhone


It is a time old problem for iPhone users that charging the battery is not that easy when you are out and about. However, if you do not mind a bulky case then the Cord On Board iPhone case is the one for you! This new design for case comes with a special Apple friendly charging cord built into the case design, so all that is needed is a free USB port anywhere to get that much needed juice up!

According the details on the Kickstarter site, this is what the Cord-On-Board Case by CaseInity is all about;

Cord-On-Board iPhone 4 / 4S Case by CaseInity provides infinite charging accessibility. Think about how often you’re near a computer or other USB port. With the charging cord stored inside your Cord-On-Board case you’ll be ready to charge up any time. When heavy use starts to drain your iPhone’s battery, the Cord-On-Board will keep your iPhone from dying.

You can get a first edition case by pledging just $25 or £16 on the Kickstarter site

Source [Oh Gizmo]