Get Sporty This New Year With Xbox


There is no messing around here; on the Xbox, being sporty is a fun way of staying in shape and trying to beat the rest of your family or friends in the process! If this sounds like your idea of fun then Kinect Sports for the Xbox is for you.

Pick one sport to concentrate on and to become the champ and then go on to play all six games and see just who is the champion of champions!

According to the Xbox Marketplace;

Forget the buttons and controllers, now you can play 6 full sports games just as you always have, using your entire body. Become the Heavyweight champ of the living room with boxing or take to the sand for some high-flying beach volleyball action. There’s table tennis, track and field events, soccer, and bowling too! Add the 20 unique game challenges, party play, and Xbox LIVE integration and Kinect Sports will have everyone in the family playing for the home team- yours.

Source [Market Place]