Is The Sun Preparing To Charge For Content?


Could News International be preparing to launch a new Pay wall for The Sun again, they thought about this before and decided against the idea. However, a new web page has appeared and this time it is preparing to charge for archived material at 50p a throw. These downloads are valid for a year and searching the database is of course free, but you will need to register and provide credit card details too.

According to the Sun website, this is what the deal is;

The Sun and The News of the World archive is an invaluable resource giving subscribers the ability to retrieve articles for as little as 40p each. If you need an accurate record of an event or story at your fingertips, we can deliver just that. Our service provides an entire library of articles dating back to 1996 from the newspaper editions of The Sun and The News of the World, giving you the opportunity to obtain primary sources of information from two of the world’s leading newspapers.

Source [Wall Blog]