Jimmy Wales Wiki Appeal Raises $20 (£13) Million


Anyone who has used the free online encyclopaedia Wikipedia over the past few months could not have failed to see the founder Jimmy Wales appeal for funds to keep the organisation going!

The plan worked and now with the fundraising over, the organisation are $20 (£13) million better off and able to keep the whole organisation going for another year.

However, can they keep this going every year and will the donors still be there? Well Wiki started crowdfunding back in 2003 and has not had to resort to advertising yet, it is a testament to the organisation and supporters too.

According to a blog posting by the Wikimedia Foundation executive director Sue Gardner, she said;

“We’ve hit our target. Thanks to you,”

She continued by giving some further details on how the fundraising effort went;

“Over the past few months, more than one million people have come together from all over the world to keep Wikipedia and its sister sites alive and flourishing for another year.”

Therefore, Wiki and its sisters get to run for a little while longer, but what is next for this organisation?

Source [Venture Beat]