Modern Warfare 3 Has Spawn Camping Issues


Camping out in a spawn zone is nothing new, you always get someone who is able to notch up some serious scores before that get out, but in the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 game it seems that camping out near a spawning area could become a real issue.

The video shows how the player is able to camp out in what looks like a concrete shelter, just waiting for the players to spawn in front of him. According to the data, one player over the festive season was able to accumulate a massive 144 kills, while only being killed four times!

According to OMGItsBirdman who uploaded the video of him camping out at a spawning zone;

This was the most kills in MW3 at the time of me uploading this video, it may not be the case now. Please Spread This Video Around I would like as many people to see this as possible. I would really appreciate it if you could like the video. It really helps my channel grow. Also feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you think about the video. Thank You and Don’t forget to subscribe! =)

Source [Geeky Gadgets]