Spain Introduces Web Site Shutdown Act


The new government in Spain have approved new laws that will see any website that has traded pirated material could be shut down in just ten days.

These new laws follow the Sinde Law principle that allows the copyright holders to report sites that infringe the law; these websites will then be checked by the intellectual property commission, who in turn will then pass it onto a judge, who will rule on the case. The process will take no more than ten days to complete.

According to Peter Bradwell who is from the UK’s Open Rights Group, he said;

“This is another example of bad copyright law eating away at the safeguards around freedom of expression,”

“The same overblown demands to pare down proper legal processes are being made to the government here in the UK. Our policy makers must not throw away the keys to the internet simply because copyright lobbyists are quite good at complaining.”

Source [The Inquirer]