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The Difference Between A Mac & A PC Is?


So you have decided to buy a new desktop computer, but you have seen all of the arguments for and against an Apple Mac and a Desktop PC, yet you are still undecided, maybe we can help you make that decision.

As you can see from this cool graphic, the computers are almost identical in hardware, but in coolness, the Apple clearly has it and maybe that is why there is such a huge price difference.

Clearly, coolness costs much more cash these days!

Source [Tech Glint]


Say Hello To Mimbo The Friendly Robot


We have a fascination with robots, some are cool and funny, whereas others are scary and frightening, luckily for the human race Mimbo is the former and you can build it yourself too!

The instructions for the iPhone powered Mimbo robot can be found here on Thingiverse, the robot is made from just one sheet of cardboard, the pattern allows it to be folded and then glued into position, and this is just a fun thing to have around.

These are the details for the cool Mimbo – A Friendly Robot by langfordw;

Mimbo is a friendly robot who mimics your emotions/expressions. He has a cardboard box for a body and an iPhone for a face.

The body is made from a single sheet of cardboard and is folded and hot-glued to form the 3D shape. It was designed in 3D in Solidworks and flattened using the sheet metal tools.

The iPhone display is controlled via a Processing script that controls a TouchOSC interface running on the phone. Face tracking is used to sense the user’s emotional expression and mimic it.

Source [Instructables]


What Was The Trending Tech In 2011?


Last year was a cool year for the tech related news, with so many new products and services to choose from. However, some sectors of the tech industry do actually stand out by a long way from any of the others, these are the trends!

There are of course the more obvious trend setters such as tablet devices, cloud computing and mobile apps. However, there is more to tech trending than meets the eye and fortunately, we have found a nice and neat info graphic that explains all.

Source [Tech Blog]


Star Wars: The Old Republic Dancing Bug Means Invincibility


Almost every new MMO will have a whole host of bugs within its system, report them you get nothing, use them to your advantage in the game and you could find that your account is frozen faster than a Tauntaun on the planet Hoth!

However, check out the dancing feature on the Star Wars: The Old Republic game by simply typing in /getdown sure you start dancing, but there is also a cool side effect for dancing like an idiot and that is, you are invincible for as long as you are dancing! Let us hope that Bioware do not stop the dancing too soon.

According to the text that accompanies the video, this is all good stuff you know;

Apparently if you type /getdown in battle, it will keep interrupting the enemy targeting you. I have only tested it on “boss” type enemies like this guy and an NPC sniper in the nearby area. No, EA is not banning people for dancing in “non-dance zones” you gullible idiots.

Source [Geek]


Microsoft Unveils Avatar Tattoos

There must be plenty of people out there just waiting for this sort of thing for their Xbox Live Avatar. Just head over to the Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace to see what is happening.

There are a variety of styles to look at, such as flames, Peace Kanji symbols, flowers and Celtic patterns, but when you check of the tattoo page, you will find that these come as a T Shirt or a Tank Top, these have clear sleeves with the design on!

While you are looking around the Xbox Live pages you may be interested in three months of Xbox Live Gold at half price, check it out here and use this promotional code T2chM8sh to get the offer.

Prices of these cool tattoos range from 160 to 240 Microsoft points

Source [Geeky Gadgets]


At Last Its The Facebook Bed


This has to be one of the coolest beds around, it is a design from Tomislav Zvonari? of Deviantom and it shows just how brilliant a bed such as this would actually look in a room or dorm whatever applies to the buyer’s circumstances.

One thing is for sure, this is definitely a bed with a social feel to it! We are not quite sure about the size of it, but it would appear to be a bed fit only for a child that is if we go on the size of the monitor etc on the bed.

According to the text by Tomislav Zvonari? on his website, he explains the thought behind the Facebook bed;

FBed is a conceptual multipractical bed design that would allow you always to be up to date and close to your online friends even when you sleep. The idea is that you may hoop in front of your screen directly from your bed when you wake up, and  inverse when you get tired and want to go sleep

Source [Behance]


The Velocity Micro Shine HD pocket projector


Velocity Micro has been showing off the Shine high definition pocket sized projector, its size makes it highly portable and therefore ideal for many uses, such as presentations! Because it uses a digital light processor (DLP) and LED’s means that is its small and light, but while projection may be fine for business presentations on the move, watching video or even playing games are probably not going to be so crystal clear.

These are the features for the cool Velocity Micro Shine HD pocket projector;

Shine on any wall, Shine in HD, or Shine with friends and family! With the Velocity Micro® Shine™ Projector, you’ll never be without a way to share your movies, streaming video, pictures, or presentations. This pocket-sized HD dynamo connects easily via HDMI to produce crisp, bright, and clear images anywhere, anytime!

Priced at around $400 in the US and £260 in the UK when becomes available

Source [Ubergizmo]


ASA Bans TalkTalk Safest Broadband Adverts


The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned three adverts from the internet service provider (ISP) TalkTalk. The main reason for the ban appears to be the claim that they provide the safest broadband around!

It turns out that BT and couple of others complained about the use of the term “UK’s safest broadband” which appeared on TV, posters and in the press. However, in their defence TalkTalk claims that they are the only UK broadband provider with security features at a network level.

According the ruling by ASA, they said;

“We considered that the claim implied that customers would enjoy the safest online experience when using TalkTalk broadband,”

“We also considered that the images shown in the ad reinforced this impression, as a father was pictured relaxing in an armchair whilst two children used the internet, giving the impression that using TalkTalk meant the actual online experience was the safest.”

Source [IT Pro]


Microsoft Sues Comet Over Fake Windows Discs


It must be everyone’s nightmare buying something only to find that it is a fake or counterfeit. However, according to Microsoft, it is the electrical retailer Comet, who is guilty of creating and selling fake Windows Recovery discs.

The software giant says that Comet sold 94,000 counterfeit Windows XP and Vista recovery CD’s that were allegedly produced in factory located in Hampshire and then sold from stores around the UK.

Normally the buyer of a new computer over the past few years has been encouraged to produce his or her own recovery discs, so is there anyone out there who has bought a computer from Comet recently?

According to a statement by Comet, they said;

‘Comet has sought and received legal advice from leading counsel to support its view that the production of recovery discs did not infringe Microsoft’s intellectual property.’

Source [Daily Mail]


How Much Is Your Etsy Store Worth?


When we start businesses, whether it is a store or a site that provides a service, there must come a point where every website owner thinks to himself or herself, how much is my business worth? However, normally it is only a guess to the value rather than a true valuation.

But for the owners of Etsy Stores it is a bit easier to value your business with this easy to use tool, it’s the Etsy Shop Value Calculator and not only will value your business, it will compare it to other Etsy stores too!

Source [The Next Web]


Will Apple Go For Premier League Rights?


There are rumours that with the Premier League preparing to enter into talks for its very lucrative television contracts, that Apple may be interested in having a go for the rights!

However, this is a rumour and the current rights holder Sky already allows live matches on Apple device via SkyGo. If Apple were to take the rights, they would need to launch the Apple TV hardware very fast and the only way that they could make money from it would be through iTunes or as an app.

Therefore, while it looks unlikely that Apple will look at the Premier League football match rights, we may have overlooked the real rival in this game Google; they have YouTube and plenty of cash!

Source [Guardian]


Final Fantasy XIV Online Goes Back To Subscription


As from today the 5th January 2012 Final Fantasy XIV Online will be suspending all accounts that are not currently subscribing, this is ahead of the 6th January 2012 launch date of the new subscription model, ending a year of free game play due to what only can be described as a launch failure.

Gamers who do want to pay will not be charged as their accounts will be frozen, but the game is awaiting the 2.0 patch and once this takes place the price will be $12.99 for the US gamers and £8.99 in the UK!

Source [Video Gamer]