The Velocity Micro Shine HD pocket projector

  Velocity Micro has been showing off the Shine high definition pocket sized projector, its size makes it highly portable and therefore ideal for many uses, such as presentations! Because it uses a digital light processor (DLP) and LED’s means that is its small and light, but while projection may be fine for business presentations on […]

ASA Bans TalkTalk Safest Broadband Adverts

  The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned three adverts from the internet service provider (ISP) TalkTalk. The main reason for the ban appears to be the claim that they provide the safest broadband around! It turns out that BT and couple of others complained about the use of the term “UK’s safest broadband” which […]

Microsoft Sues Comet Over Fake Windows Discs

  It must be everyone’s nightmare buying something only to find that it is a fake or counterfeit. However, according to Microsoft, it is the electrical retailer Comet, who is guilty of creating and selling fake Windows Recovery discs. The software giant says that Comet sold 94,000 counterfeit Windows XP and Vista recovery CD’s that […]

Final Fantasy XIV Online Goes Back To Subscription

  As from today the 5th January 2012 Final Fantasy XIV Online will be suspending all accounts that are not currently subscribing, this is ahead of the 6th January 2012 launch date of the new subscription model, ending a year of free game play due to what only can be described as a launch failure. […]