January 5, 2012

The Difference Between A Mac & A PC Is?

  So you have decided to buy a new desktop computer, but you have seen all of the arguments for and against an Apple Mac and a Desktop PC, yet you are still undecided, maybe we can help you make… Continue Reading →

Say Hello To Mimbo The Friendly Robot

  We have a fascination with robots, some are cool and funny, whereas others are scary and frightening, luckily for the human race Mimbo is the former and you can build it yourself too! The instructions for the iPhone powered… Continue Reading →

What Was The Trending Tech In 2011?

  Last year was a cool year for the tech related news, with so many new products and services to choose from. However, some sectors of the tech industry do actually stand out by a long way from any of… Continue Reading →

Star Wars: The Old Republic Dancing Bug Means Invincibility

  Almost every new MMO will have a whole host of bugs within its system, report them you get nothing, use them to your advantage in the game and you could find that your account is frozen faster than a… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Unveils Avatar Tattoos

There must be plenty of people out there just waiting for this sort of thing for their Xbox Live Avatar. Just head over to the Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace to see what is happening. There are a variety of styles… Continue Reading →

At Last Its The Facebook Bed

  This has to be one of the coolest beds around, it is a design from Tomislav Zvonari? of Deviantom and it shows just how brilliant a bed such as this would actually look in a room or dorm whatever… Continue Reading →

The Velocity Micro Shine HD pocket projector

  Velocity Micro has been showing off the Shine high definition pocket sized projector, its size makes it highly portable and therefore ideal for many uses, such as presentations! Because it uses a digital light processor (DLP) and LED’s means that… Continue Reading →

ASA Bans TalkTalk Safest Broadband Adverts

  The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned three adverts from the internet service provider (ISP) TalkTalk. The main reason for the ban appears to be the claim that they provide the safest broadband around! It turns out that BT… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Sues Comet Over Fake Windows Discs

  It must be everyone’s nightmare buying something only to find that it is a fake or counterfeit. However, according to Microsoft, it is the electrical retailer Comet, who is guilty of creating and selling fake Windows Recovery discs. The… Continue Reading →

How Much Is Your Etsy Store Worth?

  When we start businesses, whether it is a store or a site that provides a service, there must come a point where every website owner thinks to himself or herself, how much is my business worth? However, normally it… Continue Reading →

Will Apple Go For Premier League Rights?

  There are rumours that with the Premier League preparing to enter into talks for its very lucrative television contracts, that Apple may be interested in having a go for the rights! However, this is a rumour and the current… Continue Reading →

Final Fantasy XIV Online Goes Back To Subscription

  As from today the 5th January 2012 Final Fantasy XIV Online will be suspending all accounts that are not currently subscribing, this is ahead of the 6th January 2012 launch date of the new subscription model, ending a year… Continue Reading →

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