ASA Bans TalkTalk Safest Broadband Adverts


The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned three adverts from the internet service provider (ISP) TalkTalk. The main reason for the ban appears to be the claim that they provide the safest broadband around!

It turns out that BT and couple of others complained about the use of the term “UK’s safest broadband” which appeared on TV, posters and in the press. However, in their defence TalkTalk claims that they are the only UK broadband provider with security features at a network level.

According the ruling by ASA, they said;

“We considered that the claim implied that customers would enjoy the safest online experience when using TalkTalk broadband,”

“We also considered that the images shown in the ad reinforced this impression, as a father was pictured relaxing in an armchair whilst two children used the internet, giving the impression that using TalkTalk meant the actual online experience was the safest.”

Source [IT Pro]