Microsoft Sues Comet Over Fake Windows Discs


It must be everyone’s nightmare buying something only to find that it is a fake or counterfeit. However, according to Microsoft, it is the electrical retailer Comet, who is guilty of creating and selling fake Windows Recovery discs.

The software giant says that Comet sold 94,000 counterfeit Windows XP and Vista recovery CD’s that were allegedly produced in factory located in Hampshire and then sold from stores around the UK.

Normally the buyer of a new computer over the past few years has been encouraged to produce his or her own recovery discs, so is there anyone out there who has bought a computer from Comet recently?

According to a statement by Comet, they said;

‘Comet has sought and received legal advice from leading counsel to support its view that the production of recovery discs did not infringe Microsoft’s intellectual property.’

Source [Daily Mail]