Say Hello To Mimbo The Friendly Robot


We have a fascination with robots, some are cool and funny, whereas others are scary and frightening, luckily for the human race Mimbo is the former and you can build it yourself too!

The instructions for the iPhone powered Mimbo robot can be found here on Thingiverse, the robot is made from just one sheet of cardboard, the pattern allows it to be folded and then glued into position, and this is just a fun thing to have around.

These are the details for the cool Mimbo – A Friendly Robot by langfordw;

Mimbo is a friendly robot who mimics your emotions/expressions. He has a cardboard box for a body and an iPhone for a face.

The body is made from a single sheet of cardboard and is folded and hot-glued to form the 3D shape. It was designed in 3D in Solidworks and flattened using the sheet metal tools.

The iPhone display is controlled via a Processing script that controls a TouchOSC interface running on the phone. Face tracking is used to sense the user’s emotional expression and mimic it.

Source [Instructables]